How to Cut Extremely Matted Dog Hair? (Best Solutions)

To cut extremely matted dog hair, you must use the right tools, like scissors and a guarded pet clipper. Then focus on the matted and tangled area and cut gently not to hurt your dog. 

This article will look at how to cut extremely matted dog hair and other related information. Keep reading to know more. 

Using the Right Tools for Your Dog’s Matted Hair

It would be best if you used the right tool to cut your dog’s matted hair. The significant issue here is that the hair has been severely tangled, so you cannot use an ordinary comb or brush. 

How to Cut Extremely Matted Dog Hair

Also, you’ll need specific tools for cutting the matted hair, for instance, a small pair of scissors and a pet clipper. 

Using a Pet Clipper for Matted Dog Hair Instead of Scissors

It would help to use a pet clipper to cut your dog’s matted hair instead of ordinary scissors. Matted hair is often very close to the dog’s skin. 

When you use scissors to cut through the mat, you can risk tearing your dog’s skin and injuring the dog. This is why a pet clipper works best for de-matting your dog. 

Using a clipper will be like shaving your dog since matted hair is a severe form of tangled hair. 

Should You Use a Mat Splitter for Matted Dog Hair?

You should use a mat splitter for matted dog hair, especially if you dislike shaving your dog’s hair and making it appear skinned. Mat splitters are better than scissors and provide a better avenue for de-matting your dog. 

What Is a Mat Splitter?

A mat splitter is like a barber’s shaving razor. You insert it between the dog’s skin and the matted hair. 

The splitter blade cuts through the matted hair as you move it. This way, you can create smaller mats from one big mat. 

Mat splitters make it easy to separate the individual strand of your dog’s hair with a comb or brush. 

What Is a Mat Rake?

A mat rake is a tool for de-matting a dog’s hair. It bears a resemblance to a hand garden rake but has very sharp teeth. 

A mat rake is helpful in dematting a dog who has less severe mats. It can separate matted hair into finer strands with its staff and sharp tines. 

Should You Use a Detangling Solution to Demat Your Dog?

Yes, it would help if you used a detangling solution to demat your dog because it lubricates your dog’s matted hair and loosens matted strands. You can get a detangling solution in the market or stores or use a dog shampoo and hair conditioner. 

How to Cut Extremely Matted Dog Hair

Using Detangling Oil for Your Dog’s Matted Hair

Before using a brush, try to work your fingers around the nat and rub enough detangling Oil. This will help to separate the matted hair into small subsections. 

How Do You Cut Extremely Matted Dog Hair?

To cut extremely matted dog hair, combine detangling solution and detangling Oil. You can find these on the shelves at local stores. Then use your preferred tool, like a pet clipper or a mat rake, to cut gently through the hair. 

Trim the hair carefully so you don’t hurt your dog’s skin. After trimming, brush or comb the hair carefully. Then clean your dog’s body to make it comfortable.

Which Dogs Are More Prone to Hair Matting?

Dogs with long hair are more prone to matting than dogs with short fur. Because of the lengths, long hair tends to mesh together and tangle faster. 

As such, the longer hair or fur your dog has, the more likely it is to have matted hair. 

How Does Matted Hair Occur in Dogs?

Matted hair in dogs occurs when the hair of the dog wraps around itself and tangles, mostly keeping in dead skin cells and tangling loose hairs, which thicken the mat even more. 

How Quickly Does a Dog Hair Mat?

The time it takes for a dog’s hair to mat depends on the length of the dog’s hair. Matted hair often starts in a small thin patch and often grows thicker, more tangled, and closer to the skin if the hair is not brushed or no attempt is made at detangling it. 

How Does Matted Hair Affect Dogs?

Matted hair can affect dogs by seriously infecting their skin. If the matting is severe and very close to the dog’s skin, the dog can experience constructed airflow, and the skin can start to decay. This leads to excruciating sores for the dog. 

Also, dead skin and dander in mats can make the dog feel itchy, uncomfortable, and even sick. 

How to Cut Extremely Matted Dog Hair

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mating Painful for Dogs?
Yes, mating can be very painful for dogs. Mats can tighten and pull the skin beneath them, making the dog’s skin weak and prone to tears and rips. The dog may find it difficult to sleep, and resting may also be very uncomfortable for the dog. This can disrupt the quality of your dog’s life.  
How to Prevent Dog Hair Matting?
Regular brushing and bathing can help keep your dog’s fur from matting. Keeping your dog clean will help ensure the skin is clean, and brushing often will prevent the hair from tangling.  
Does Keeping Your Dog's Hair Short Lower the Chances of Matted Hair?
Yes. Keeping your dog’s hair short will lower the chances of the dog’s hair getting matted. This is because long hair tends to tangle faster than short hair.


Matted hair on dogs can be uncomfortable for them and affect their health. To cut extremely matted dog hair, using the right tools and focusing on the matted and tangled area is best. Also, make sure to be careful and not hurt your dog. 

To prevent your dog’s hair from matting, keep the dog clean and brush its hair often. 

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