How to Massage A Dog To Poop? (11 Tips for Constipation)

To massage a dog poop, you must first stimulate its stomach muscles by placing them upright and rubbing the back of the leg until the tail begins to rise.

Then place the dog on its back and gently rub the belly, sides, back, and butt Clockwise. You have to do this for several minutes before the dog feels the urge to poop.

In this post, we’ll talk about constipation in dogs, why it happens, and how to massage your dog to poop.

Let’s jump in!

Why Do Dogs Have Pooping Problems?

Dogs have pooping problems – formerly known as constipation – when they swallow objects that are not easy to digest, such as hair, toys, grass, or bones.

This leads to blockage in the digestive system, thereby preventing the food and waste in their body from moving through the intestine.

How to Massage A Dog To Poop
Other reasons dogs have pooping problems include kidney disease, lack of exercise, and lack of fiber nutrients in their body.

How Do Dogs Act When Constipated?

When a dog is constipated, it starts acting restless and uncomfortable, such as scooting, frequently squatting, circling excessively, and vomiting.

You may also observe that the dog’s appetite has decreased, and when they squat to poop, only a tiny amount of watery faces – sometimes containing mucus – without a normal stool comes out.

How Long Can A Dog Go Without Poop?

A Dog can go for 48 hours (2 days) without poop, and there won’t be any serious health concerns. If you need How to Massage A Dog To Poop, we have some suggestions.

However, if your dog doesn’t poop after 48 hours, up to 72 hours ( 2-3 days), this should raise health concerns, and you should take it to a vet for examination.

How Do I Massage My Dog To Poop?

Place your dog in a comfortable posture, either lying down or standing up, and apply moderate pressure with your hands to run a circle motion on their tummy.

Start from the lower abdomen – in the ribcage – where the large intestine and colon are located, then move towards the hind legs.

You should also take breaks to check if your dog has to defecate and avoid applying too much pressure, which can cause discomfort and harm.

How Can I Make My Constipated Dog Poop Faster?

To make your constipated dog poop faster, take it outdoors for a bit of exercise, such as walking, playing throw and fetch, and stair or hill climbing.

This will help quickly stimulate their bowels and help them poop faster.

Can I Use My Finger To Help My Dog Poop?

Yes, you can use your fingers to help your dog poop. However, this method has several risks, such as infections and rectal tears.

So this method of constipation relief in dogs should not be used as a first resort.

What Medication Is Used For Constipation In Dogs?

The medication used for constipation in dogs includes laxatives such as lubricant gels like Laxotine. Also, some veterinarians usually recommend bisacodyl, formally called Dulcolax, for constipation in dogs.


However, do not medicate your constipated dog without a prescription from the vet, and if your dog refuses to eat or swallow the medication, do not force-feed them.

Can Olive Oil Help Dog Constipation?

Yes, Olive oil can help with dog constipation when done the right way.

Adding a small amount of olive or coconut oil to your dog’s food can help lubricate their alimentary canal, soften their stool, and help them poop faster.

What Food Can A Dog Eat To Prevent or Cure Constipation?

A dog can eat food to help prevent or cure constipation, should be rich in fiber, and contain moisture to hold fluid in their feces and prevent it from drying out.

Some foods that you should feed your dog to cure constipation include carrots, kale, cabbage, and pumpkin.

To prevent constipation in your dog, feed them wet foods, commonly called Canned Dog Food, and make sure that whatever meat they eat is boiled – or at least soft enough to digest.

How Fast Does Pumpkin Work For Dog Diarrhea?

Pumpkins can help relieve your dog from diarrhea within one to three days, as it is a good source of fiber and helps regulate bowel movement by absorbing excess water in the digestive tract.

However, note that pumpkin may not work for all cases of diarrhea in dogs, so if the symptoms persist, take the dog to a vet for a proper examination.

When Should I Take My Constipated Dog To the Veterinarians?

We recommend that you take your constipated dog to a veterinarian once you notice the symptoms of constipation and your dog has not pooped for over three days.

While you may still try to assist your dog in defecating by rubbing it, if the symptoms persist, take your dog to a vet immediately for a professional evaluation.

How to Massage A Dog

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Constipation In Dogs?
Constipation in dogs is a condition in which a dog has difficulty passing stools or is not passing them at all. Dehydration, a lack of fiber in the diet, certain drugs, or ingesting difficult-to-digest things can all contribute to this.
Will Massaging My Dog Help Him Poop?
Yes, massaging your dog can help them poop by stimulating bowel movement. Still, it is essential to address the underlying cause of constipation and seek veterinary advice if the problem persists.
Can A Dog Blockage Go Away On Its Own?
Sometimes, a dog’s blockage can pass independently if it is small enough and in the lower digestive tract. However, if the blockage is in the upper digestive tract or too large to pass, it can be life-threatening and requires immediate veterinary attention.


If your dog suffers from constipation and finds it difficult to poop, it can become a discomforting and painful experience for them.

Thankfully, there are various ways to help them poop, from massaging and feeding them fiber-rich meals to applying prescribed medication.

So with all you’ve read so far, we’re sure that you will know just what to do next time you observe signs and symptoms of constipation in your dog.

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