How To Stop Dog Urine From Killing Grass Naturally

To naturally prevent dog pee from damaging grass, educate your dog to use alternatives such as a toilet or adjust your dog’s diet.

We’ll go through some of the best and most natural ways to ensure your dog doesn’t pee on the grass and other tricks to stop its urine from killing grass.

Why Does Dog Urine Kill Grass?

Dog urine kills grass because it contains nitrogen in a concentrated amount. Nitrogen harms grasses as it can reduce lush growth and affect the root system.

What Are The Other Factors That Contribute To Your Grass Dying From Dog Urine

The Dog’s Gender

Males spread urine all over the place. Females, conversely, squat to pee, causing the urine to be concentrated in one area. So if you have a female dog, its urine will do more damage to your lawn than a male’s.

Dog’s Age/Size

Smaller and younger dogs will consume less food and water, which causes the quantity of urine they pass to be less than that of a more extensive or older dog. Although older dogs urinate less frequently, the amount of urine they pass per time will be more, killing more significant portions of grass.

Excess Fertilizer

Generally, grasses and other plants benefit from applying regulated amounts of nitrogenous fertilizer. However, suppose it’s already present in excessive amounts, even when your dog’s urine is diluted. In that case, your grass will likely die off.

Natural Ways To Stop Dog Urine From Killing Grass

Add More Water To Your Dog’s Diet

You can change your dog’s diet and add water to its bowl. You can increase its water intake by moistening its meals and adding a little flavor to its drinking water to encourage it to drink more. When your dog takes in more water, it will reduce the nitrogen concentration in its urine.

Teach Your Dog To Go In A Particular Spot

To stop your dog from urinating on the grass and destroying it, you can train it to relieve itself in a specific spot. One approach is giving it verbal commands and directions on which area to use for its business. If it gets it right, encourage it by offering treats and other displays of affection.

Alternatively, you can stop it quickly when you notice it is trying to pee on the grass or any other area outside its potty.

Switch Up Your Dogs Diet

You can reduce the nitrogen concentration in your dog’s urine so it doesn’t kill the grass by changing your dog’s diet since discrete and less concentrated quantities of nitrogen won’t harm your grass.

If you want to switch up your dog’s diet to make its urine more grass friendly, you’d need to reduce the amount of protein it takes. You can work on a new diet plan with your dog’s vet so you don’t deprive it of more protein than necessary.

Dilute The Dog Urine With Water

You can dilute your dog’s urine with water immediately after it pees on the grass to prevent it from killing it. Use your water hose and spray a generous amount of water on the affected area to wash and reduce the urine concentration on that spot.

If you don’t have a hose, use your watering can and pour a quantity of water four times the amount of urine on the affected area.

Use Pee Resistant Grass

If your dogs are hard to train and you end up with dead patches of grass everywhere, you can consider using pee-resistant grass that urine cannot kill. Pee-resistant grasses like fescue and ryegrass quickly regenerate and grow new leaves if the dog urine manages to kill anyone.

How To Stop Dog Urine From Killing Grass

How To Fix Your Dog Urine Patch

You can fix the brown or yellow patches from dog urine on your lawn by uprooting dead grass and treating the area with lime. After treatment, you will need to water the area so the lime can sink into the soil, then plant new seeds a week after the treatment is applied. You can also use special lawn repair sprays to treat the dog’s urine patches. It will help the grass to regenerate on its own.

How To Identify A Brown Patch Caused By Dog Urine

Tug on the affected area to identify a brown patch caused by dog urine. If the grass is difficult to pull out, it’s caused by dog urine. If it’s easy to pull out, it’s most likely caused by a soil infestation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Home Remedy Can Be Used To Stop Dog Urine From Burning Grass?
One effective home remedy you can use to stop dog urine from burning grass is to choose a portion of the lawn and keep a patch of sand where your dog pee so it can avoid killing the grass with urine. Another effective home remedy is mulch made with sawdust, litter, or discarded wood as an alternative to sand. Please place it in the corner of the lawn to <a href="">keep your dog</a> away from the grass.
What Can I Feed My Dog So His Urine Doesn't Kill Grass?
If you don’t want your dog’s urine to kill your grass, feed your <a href="">dog a mixture of different nutrients or supplements and cut</a> down on protein consumption. You can also give it more water to help it dilute its urine and make it safe for the grass.
Does Tomato Juice Stop Dog Pee From Killing Grass?
Yes. Tomato juice can stop dog pee from killing grass. If you add tomato juice to your dog’s diet, it will make the dog get more thirsty and drink more water, that’ll dilute its urine. However, tomato juice will expose your dog to the risk of bladder disease, UTD, and other kidney and heart-related issues.


The best way to keep dogs’ urine from killing your grass is to use natural methods. You can stop your grass from dying from dog urine by training your dog to pee in a specific area or using grasses that cannot be killed by urine. All the natural methods outlined are guaranteed to stop dog urine from killing your grass and leaving ugly brown or yellow patches on your green lawn.

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